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  • Tell Us Once

    Tell Us Once

    Many of my columns are inspired by personal experience. Sadly, that’s true for this one too. The Government’s Tell Us Once service is set up to inform all relevant national and local government departments of a bereavement. As I used it when I lost my lovely Dad – the man who inspired my love of…

  • Your digital legacy

    Your digital legacy

    Where to start? The first thing I’ll do is put together a prioritised list of my accounts. I need to give clear instructions on what needs to happen to them, particularly any that have a financial aspect such as Paypal and my online subscriptions. As this is sensitive data, I need to be careful where…

  • Hand-written envelopes? Not any more!

    Hand-written envelopes? Not any more!

    Even accompanied by a steaming glass of mulled wine, there’s one Christmas job I find tedious – addressing Christmas card envelopes. My answer? Use Microsoft Word to automatically create address labels. Here’s how. Start by creating a list of all your names and addresses. Create a new Word document and insert a table with columns…